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Both of our U.S. Senators and our District 8 Congressman, Austin Scott, voted to continue funding for Planned Parenthood. Only one other Republican congressman from Georgia voted YES along with Austin Scott, that was Rob Woodall.

Congressman Scott’s office said he voted YES because he feared that a government shutdown of non-essential workers might cause furloughs of some defense workers in his district. I tried to explain to the staffer the difference between a tragedy and an inconvenience.

If you think it a tragedy to force American taxpayers to send $500 million to Planned Parenthood, when over 80% of their money is derived from abortions and selling baby body parts, please send a message to your Congressman Austin Scott and your two senators (Isakson & Perdue).

Congressman Austin Scott
Email Page
202-225-6531; Fax: 202-225-3013
Chief of Staff:
Tifton Office and
229-396-5175; Fax: 229-396-5179         

Senator Johnny Isakson
202- 224-3643; Fax: (202) 228-0724

Chief of Staff:

State Office: 770- 661-0999; Fax: (770) 661-0768

Moultrie Office: 229-322-2274



Senator David Perdue

B40D Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington DC 20510

202-224-3521; Fax: 202-228-1031

Valdosta: Charles White 229-376-8061,



"The fifth and most disturbing Planned Parenthood video was released this morning, showing an executive and other employees discussing the financial boost of selling 'intact fetal corpses' and showcasing their most recent acquisitions from abortions that day.  

"Planned Parenthood has so successfully dehumanized unborn children that their employees can sift through organs and body parts like they’re showing off a school science project.  In this latest video, the Director of Research seems to have no problem trying to increase their supply to meet the demand for whole unborn babies.

"It is clear that Planned Parenthood does not provide more or better services to women than any other community health center across the country.  In fact, the only exclusive service they provide is the killing and selling of unborn children.  The claim that this disgusting organization provides vital women’s health services is a sham. Supporters of Planned Parenthood have refused to admit that not a single facility is licensed to perform mammograms, and they perform exponentially fewer health tests and services as many other centers across the country.

"We must defund this horror NOW.  Planned Parenthood is the national shame of our country."


Why the Defund Planned Parenthood Vote Matters

The fact that there were 53 votes to defund Planned Parenthood Monday will be a very important number when Congress returns in September. Here's why.

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